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School Procedures

Supervision Before and After School

There is limited general supervision at the front of the school from 8:30 a.m. to 8:55 a.m. and no supervision on the grounds after 2:55 p.m. Students are expected to arrive at school between 8:45 and 8:55 a.m.

After School Pick Up:

We would if all parents/caregivers could ensure their child is picked up promptly at 2:55p.m. every day. It becomes difficult when children are left waiting on the playground or at the office area. Setting up a regular routine at the end of the school day will help alleviate worry and upset for the child. We realize there will be those rare occasions when an unexpected emergency arises. In these situations please contact the school office immediately so arrangements can be made.

Lates and Absences:

Student absences and/or late arrivals should be phoned in daily to 604-517-6050. Please keep the office informed of your address and telephone number changes so that you can be reached promptly in the event of an emergency. We are committed to working cooperatively with students and parents to ensure the students punctually attend each and every day. There is a significant correlation between good attendance and academic success. If we do not hear from you, we call home and emergency contacts if necessary. This is a timely process.


Adults are asked to use the front area of the school on Agnes Street for dropping off and picking up only when driving children to and from school. Also, the area at the main entrance of the school off of Merivale Street is not for drop off and pick up. This area is for daycare pick-up and drop-off at the top of Merivale, deliveries and handicap drop-off and pick-up is directly in front of the school. Merivale is a one way street from Cunningham north. You can come off of Royal onto Merivale and head south down the street. There is parking on the west side of Merivale. Parking on the east side of Merivale is for daycare drop off/pick up. It is extremely important that students do not exit the car from the busy side of the street when getting out of the vehicle. Please follow safety rules and cross streets at intersections. It is important that we reinforce traffic safety for our children. Jaywalking and U-turns are dangerous and can result in accidents or fines.

Please do not leave your car or children unattended in these areas. If you have to come into the school, please park in the two hour parking zones around the school. Please avoid the staff parking lot at the top of Merivale Street. Our parking is for Staff Only and we ask that you do not use these areas for drop-off, pick- up or parking. It is important that we are extra vigilant around school zones.


When using Royal Avenue, please use 3rd Street and Royal to cross this very busy street. Our crossing guard, Cindy Kaila, is stationed at this Pedestrian Controlled Cross Walk and is the safest place to cross at. Please use this crosswalk instead of Jaywalking across the street to get to the school.

Visiting the School:

According to the School District’s Safe School Access Policy ALL VISITORS on the school site MUST wear identification so that they are identifiable to students, staff, and parents, as permissible visitors on school business. If you are volunteering or visiting in a classroom, attending a Field Trip, or waiting outside at lunch time watching your child play before they come into the school after lunch, you must first sign-in at the office. You will be given a VISITOR tag to wear. Please return to the office to sign out when you are finished. In any emergency situation, we must be able to account for the whereabouts of all students, staff and visitors, on-site or off-site.

Classroom Organization:

We do our very best to ensure children are placed well in classrooms. Many factors contribute to the decisions by professional and caring staff. Once classes are set, moving students is difficult without causing imbalances and inequities throughout. Movement impacts more than one child. Help your child understand that we cannot always place a student with all their preferred friends. Reinforce that there is time throughout the day and school year to play and connect with friends at various age levels. Thank you for your support.

At times it is necessary to organize the school with classes that combine two grades. Split classrooms are common in schools. It is important to note that students in split classrooms experience similar curriculum learning outcomes as those placed in one grade group. In all classrooms, teachers plan to meet the needs of students and grade level requirements. Like their colleagues, split classroom teachers work to accommodate individual student needs. Our goal is to encourage all students to view themselves as one learning community, crossing the boundaries from one grade to another. Working with others of varying ages in and out of the classroom helps children learn early in life, that people of all ages and skill levels can work with and learn from each other.

Medical Information:

If your child has allergies or medical issues we need to be aware of, please let the office know right away. We need to make sure we have the appropriate information on file in case of emergency. Please note that students should not be in possession of any medication when at school. Medication is to be stored at the office. The staff may not administer medication to students unless the required form is completed and signed by the the parent and physician.

Policy – Animals:

Our School District passed a policy to ensure the safety of our students. Animals are not allowed on school property without the prior approval of the Superintendent or his designate. Of course, guide dogs and police dogs are allowed under the control of their owners. Also, with prior approval, animals brought for specific purposes, such as classroom demonstrations or units of study in the class, may be brought to school. Some teachers may choose to keep small animals in a cage or aquarium for instructional purposes, and will have received prior approval. We know that you share with us the desire to keep children safe on school grounds and in the buildings. We appreciate, therefore, if you do not bring dogs or other animals onto school grounds during the school day or when you drop off or pick up children, as incidents have occurred in these situations. Also, some children are allergic or fearful of these animals. Please assist us in keeping all animals off the school grounds.


Just a reminder, we are asking that all electronic devices (ie. cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, etc.) remain at home for a variety of reasons. If students bring these items to school, they must remain in their backpacks for the entire school day, including recess and lunch. If used during school hours, devices will be taken away and stored in a safe place until the end of the day. If you need to contact your child during school hours please phone the office and we will make sure they receive your message or we will call them to the office so that you can talk to them. We cannot be responsible for items brought to school that are damaged, lost or misplaced.

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