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604-517-6050 Main Phone Line

604-517-6051 Fax Line

Principal: Mme Suzanne Cameron Email

Vice Principal: Mrs. Nadia Young Email

Secretaries: Mrs. Jackie Rose-Madill and Mrs. Tanya Macera  Email / Email

TEACHING STAFF – 2021/2022

Division 1 – Grade  – Mr. William Shaw   Email

Division 2 – Grade  – Mrs. Amy Bothwell  Email

Division 3EFI– Grade  EFI – Mme. Nathalie Domeck Email

Division 4 – Grade  – Mr. Randy Bamford Email

Division 5 – Grade  – Mr. Raymond Jang Email

Division 6EFI– Grade  – TBA

Division 7 – Grade   – Ms. Bertha Lansdowne Email

Division 8 – Grade  – Ms. Krista Ogmundson Email

Division 9 – Grade  – Mrs. Che Mcgowan Email

Division 10 – Grade  – Ms. Meghan Lamont  Email

Division 11 – Grade  – Mrs. Dia Binpal Email

Division 12EFI – Grade  – Mme. Florence Pisor  Email 

Division 13 – Grade  – Mrs. Sureet Rai Email

Division 14 – Grade  – Mrs. Kristi Yasui-Chan  Email

Division 15 – Grade  – Mrs. Mimi Camillo Email

Division 16EFI – Grade  – Mme. Sophie Verhille  Email

Division 17 – Grade – Ms. Skylar Freeborn   Email

Division 18 – Grade  – Mrs. Chelsea Polukoshko Email

Division 19EFI– Grade  – Mme. Viktoriya Ostankova Email

Division 20 – Grade  – Ms. Mandy Yee  Email

Division 21 – Grade  – Mrs. Rosa Celis   Email

Division 22 – Grade  – Mme. Danielle Tortolano  Email

Division 23 – Grade  – Ms. Jadranka Sarunic (Lulic)  Email 

Division 24 – Grade   – Mrs. Laura Bajic  Email

Division 25 – Grade  – Ms. Sarah Wong Email

Division 26 – Grade  – Ms. Kimberly Wong Email

Division 27 – Grade – Ms. Monika Bolishkova Email

Division 28EFI – Grade  – mme. Cecile Style Email

Music – Mrs. Martha Leigh  Email

Library – Mrs. Sheryl Lee   Email

Resource Teachers

Ms.Tamara Maxim  Email

Mrs. Erin Bannister   Email

Mrs. Belinda Scott  Email

Mrs. Shallene Gill  Email

Ms. Brooke Kellett  Email

Counselor Mr. Scott Macleay  Email

Child Care Worker  Caitlan Petruk  Email

Support Staff

Crossing Guard – Ms. Merril Hall  Email

Noon hour supervisor – Ms. Cindy Kaila  Email

Noon hour supervisor – Mr. Harold Shannon    Email

Noon hour supervisor – Mrs. Jule Rule   Email


Mr. Mario Duerme  Email

Mr. Kent Charles  Email

Special Education Assistants

Mrs. Harshpreet Sidhu

Ms. Monica Davis

Mr. Sean Rasmussen

Mrs. Rachael Riding

Mrs. Amandeep Bath

Mrs. Ludmila Gregorian

Mrs. Leah Lalonde

Mrs. Neekou Niktaha

Ms. Laura Poole

Mrs. Wendy Sikora

Mrs. Lisa Woo

Mrs. Manjinder Kurl

Ms. Rebecca McNeney-Coleman

Mrs. Angelica Oakley

Ms. Priya Prasad

Speech and Language – TBA

First Nations Cultural Worker – Mrs. Danielle Smith  Email

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