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Principal:  Mrs. Karen Catherwood
Vice-Principal:  Mr. Paul Manville
Secretaries: Mrs. Jackie Rose-Madill and Mrs. Tanya Macera
Shaw, W. (M-F) Div. 1 Grade 5 Arreola, R. – Custodian
Roy, A. (M-F) Div. 2 Grade 5 LFI Chadwick, E. – Custodian
Bothwell, A. (M-Th) Div. 3 Grade 4/5
Boule, S. – E.A.
Speckman, B (M-F) Div. 4 Grade 4 Engleson, A. – E.A.
Zivarts, H. (M-Th) Div. 5 Grade 3/4 Goddard, S. – E.A.
Pistor, F. (M-Th) Div. 6 Grade 3/4 EFI Gregorian, M. – E.A.
Francois, C. (F) Div. 6 Grade 3/4 EFI Lalande, L. – E.A.
Aiumu, L. (M-F) Div. 7 Grade 3 Leech, H. – E.A.
Maglio, S. (M-W) Div. 8 Grade 3 Macera, T. – Secretary
Vandijk, Rachel Div. 8 Grade 3 Niktaha, N. – E.A.
Sewruttun, K. (M-F) Div. 9 Grade 2/3 EFI Orr, F. – E.A.
Tortolano, D. (M-F) Div. 10 Grade 2/3 EFI Parks, R. – AbEd Support
McGowan, C. (M-F) Div. 11 Grade 2 Poole, L. – E.A.
Baugh, K. (M-W) Div. 12 Grade 2 Rai, J. – EA
Devi, S.  (Th-F) Div. 12 Grade 2 Kaila, Cindy – Noon Hour Supervisior
Morison, S. (M-F) Div. 13 Grade 1/2 Rose-Madill, J. – Secretary
Yee, Mandy (M-W) Div. 14 Grade 1 Shannon, H. – Crossing Guard
Malone, J. (Th-F) Div. 14 Grade 1 Sikorra, W. – E.A.
Yasui-Chan, K. (M-F) Div. 15 Grade 1 Turcotte, L. – E.A.
Okstanova, V. (M-F) Div. 16 Grade 1 EFI Wong, C. – Lunch Program
Bajic, L. (M-F) Div. 17 Grade K/1 Woo, L. – E.A.
Camillo, M. (M-W,F) Div. 18 Kidergarten
Grant, Sarah Div. 18 Kindergarten
Tucsok, D. (M-F) Div. 19 Kindergarten   DISTRICT STAFF
Sarunic, J. (M,T,F) Div. 20 Kindergarten
Vandijk, R. (Th,W) Div. 20 Kindergarten  Community Schools – Rick Bloudell
Senyk, D. Div. 21 K – EFI
Penner, A.  Music
Rai, S. Resource
Roik, A. Resource
Richter, C. Resource
Lau, J. Counsellor

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